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John Albertson Sampson

Born  1873
Died  1946

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American surgeon, born 1873, near Troy, New York; died December 23, 1946, Albany, New York.

Biography of John Albertson Sampson

John Albertson Sampson graduated from Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts, in 1895 and entered Johns Hopkins Medical School, graduating doctor of medicine in 1899. Sampson career as a prolific writer started in 1902 with a paper on flat feet. During the four years from 1901 to 1905 he was resident and assistant resident under Howard Atwood Kelly (1858-1943) and in this period published 17 papers on gynaecological subjects.

Besides his private practice, which he commenced in 1906 in Albany, New York, he was attached to the Albany Medical College, where he became professor of gynaecology. In 1945 he retired as professor of gynaecology and gynaecologist-in-chief of the Albany Hospital.


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