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Nicolas François Rougnon de Magny

Born 1727
Died 1799

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French physician

Biography of Nicolas François Rougnon de Magny

Rougnon de Magny was the son of a physician. From the age of 15 or 16 he learned surgery from the staff surgeon Bernier in Besançon, and at the same time attended the university. He became a licentiate in 1749, and subsequently began practicing medicine in his native town, under the supervision of his father. In 1750 he went to Paris for further education, and then settled in Noyon in northern France, where he practiced medicine together with his uncle Richard, a physicin of some repute.

In 1752 Rougnon de Magny unsuccessfully participated in a concours for a chair in Besançon. Later, however, in 1759, he was appointed to this chair, which he held for almost forty years, until his death in 1799. During the years 1753 to 1792 he was also amployed as a physician in various civilian and military hospitals in Besançon.

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