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Louis Auguste Mercier

Born 1811
Died 1882

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French urologist, born August 21, 1811, Plessis-Saint-Jean; died June 11, 1882.

Biography of Louis Auguste Mercier

Louis Auguste Mercier obtained his doctorate in Paris in 1839 and subsequently almost exclusively concerned himself with the treatment of surgical diseases of the urinary organs, on which he wrote a large number of papers.

As secretary to Bulletin de la Société anatomique de Paris he published the volume for 1839. He contributed to several journals, and wrote a paper of the sickness of Jean-Jeacques Rousseau /1712-1778) and its influence on his character and writings (1859). His career was not outstanding, but he was a highly respected physician who made a lot of money.

Mercier introduced the coudé catheter in 1836 and the bicoudé about 1841.

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