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Vilem Dusan Lambl

Born 1824
Died 1895

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Bohemian physician, born 1824, Letina, Kreis Pilsen, Bohemia; died February 12, 1895. German spelling: Wilhelm Name also given as Vilem Dusan Fedorovic Lambl

Biography of Vilem Dusan Lambl

Vilem Dusan Lambl received his medical doctorate at Prague. He was deeply interested in slavic, particularly southern slavic languages, and in 1848 travelled in Croatia, Serbia, Dalmatia, and Montenegro. He published his till then studies of languages, natural sciences and culture in the journal of the Boheman museum, Casopis, 1848-1854, and other Bohemian journals.

On his return to Prague Lambl received a position at Wilhelm Freiherr von Loeschner’s (1809-1888) children’s hospital, remaining there until 1860 when he, after concerning himself extensively with Russian, accepted an invitation to the University of Charkow.

In 1863 he undertook a journey to Kaukasus to study the mineral Quellen there. He was retired during the last years of his life.

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