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Jean-Henri-Adolphe d'Espine

Born 1846
Died 1930

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Swiss paediatrician, born February 20, 1846, Geneva; died 1930.

Biography of Jean-Henri-Adolphe d'Espine

Jean-Henri-Adolphe d'Espine received his doctorate in Paris in 1872. He returned to his native Geneva and soon became interested in paediatrics. In 1877, with his classmate Constant-E. Picot (1844-1931) he published a book entitled The Manual of Diseases in Childhood.

This was an immediate success and d’Espine in 1876 became professor of internal pathology at the University of Geneva. He held this tenure for some 40 years, training innumerable students. One of them, Pierre Gautier (born 1886), succeeded him to his position when he retired in 1921. He was a corresponding member of the Paris Académie de médecine, as well as the academies of Torino and St. Petersburg.

During the 1st World War, d’Espine played a leading role in the operations of the Red Cross and in particular he helped in campaigns to care for children and refugees and those who had been abandoned, or injured during World War I. He wrote numerous articles in the French, German and Swiss literature.

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