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Ferdinand Zinsser

Born  1865
Died  1952

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German dermatologist, born February 11, 1865, New York; died 1952.

Biography of Ferdinand Zinsser

Ferdinand Zinsser was the son of Friedrich Zinsser (born 1837) and Auguste Balser. His father had studied medicine in Giessen and Würzburg and emigrated to America after receiving his doctorate. The family later returned to Germany and settled in Wiesbaden.

Ferdinand Zinsser studied at the Universities of Bonn, Munich, and Heidelberg, where he obtained his doctorate in 1891. He worked in the university medical clinic in Leipzig under Hans Curschmann (1875-1950) as well as in the university dermatological clinic in Bern under Edmund Lesser (1852-1918).

In 1904 he became Dozent in dermatology at the academy of practical medicine in Cologne, 1908 professor. In 1919 he was appointed ordentlicher Professor of skin and venereal diseases at the newly founded university. He was emerited in 1931.

Zinsser married his cousin Wilhelmine Tourelle and they had the daughter Augusta, nicknamed Gussi, who was born in 1895. In 1919, Augusta married Konrad Adenauer (1876-1967), then a widower and the Mayor of Cologne. Konrad Adenauer was thrown out of office by the Nazis in 1933. Augusta Adenauer died in March, 1948. In 1949 Konrad Adenauer became the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany - Bundeskanzler der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.


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