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Robert Degos

Born  1904
Died  1987

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French dermatologist, 1904-1987. Paris.

Biography of Robert Degos

Robert Degos became an Interne des hôpitaux de Paris in 1926. In 1934 he became chef de clinique under professor Henri Gougerot (1881-1955) in the dermatological department at the Hôpital St.-Louis, where he was médecine de l'hôpital from 1946. In 1951 he succeeded Gougerot as professor of skin and syphilitic diseases.


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  • R. Degos:
    Dermatologie. Paris, 1951.
    This textbook was regarded as the bible of the french speaking dermatologists untill his last up-to-date edition in 1981.
  • R. Degos, J. Delort, J. Civatte, A. Poires Babptista:
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  • R. Degos:
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  • R. Degos, E. Lortat-Jacob, J. Civatte, B. Melekian:
    [Kaposi's disease. Extension of the osseous involvement constrasting with the obliteration of the cutaneous lesions by penicillin] Article in French.
    Bulletin des Sociétés d'ophtalmologie de France, January-March 1960, 60: 21-23.
  • R. Degos:
    Kystes et tumeurs bénignes.
    In: Dermatologie. Paris : Flammarion Médecine-Sciences, 1981 : 791-830 b.
  • R. Degos:
    Tumeurs malignes.
    In : Dermatologie. Paris : Flammarion Médecine-Sciences, 1981 : 831-832.

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