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Gotthard Bülau

Born  1835
Died  1900

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German internist, born February 27, 1835, Hamburg; died 1900, Hamburg.

Biography of Gotthard Bülau

Gotthard Bülau was the son of the physician Gustav Bülau (1799-1857). From 1854 he studied in Heidelberg and Göttingen, where he obtained his doctorate in 1858. In the autumn of 1858 he became assistant physician at the Allgemeines Krankenhaus St. Georg, remaining in this position for three years. In the beginning of 1867, he represented the hospital physician Georg Karl Franz Tuengel (1816-1873), who had fallen sick. He remained active at the hospital as a Voluntär until 1869, when he, following Tuengel’s retirement, became head physician of one of the newly established four departments of internal medicine. He was very popular with his patients.

Bülau remained in this position until 1886, when he resigned because the hospital work was no longer compatible with his private practice. On the occasion of his resignation he was elected member of the Medicinal-Deputation. During his period as head physician at the hospital he trained a number of assistants, approximately 15, through whom he let publish numerous works in the field of clinical medicine. He gave numerous demonstrations in the Ärztlicher Verein, and reports concerning pathological anatomy and internal medicine.


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