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Jack Herbert Rubinstein

Born  1925
Died  2006

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American paediatrician, born 1925; died July 3, 2006.

Biography of Jack Herbert Rubinstein

Jack Herbert Rubinstein was born in New York in 1925, the only child of Anna and Saul Rubinstein. He graduated from New York City School for Science at age 16. He interrupted studies at Columbia College to serve in the armed forces and graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1947 with a pre-med degree. He completed post-graduate work in psychology at Columbia University in 1948, and graduated Alpha Omega Alpha from Harvard Medical School in 1952.

His internship at the Boston Beth Israel Hospital was followed by paediatric residency training at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and Cincinnati Children's Hospital. He is an active member of several academic and pediatric societies and he has served on numerous medical committees, being first president of the American Association of University Affiliated Programs on Development Disabilities.

Dr. Rubinstein spent his career helping families care for their mentally handicapped children. He was a "leader in recognizing the needs of interdisciplinary care for children with developmental problems," said Dr. Sonya Oppenheimer, professor of pediatrics at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

After having been approached by parents of retarded children, Rubinstein became the founding director of the Hamilton County Diagnostic Clinic for the Mentally Retarded, a three-story facility that opened in 1957. He oversaw the work of an administrative assistant, a social worker, a psychologist, a public health nurse and a dentist. He and his staff offered one of the first courses in mental retardation in the country. This became the University Affiliated Cincinnati Center for Developmental Disorders (UACCDD), which is now the division of behavioral and developmental pediatrics at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

From 1970 to 1997, Rubinstein was professor of pediatrics in the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine since. He retired as Professor Emeritus, Department of Pediatrics, University of Cincinnati.

We thank Dr. Hooshang Taybi for information submitted.


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