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Georg Jochmann

Born  1874
Died  1915

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German physician, born October 11, 1874, Liegnitz; died 1915.

Biography of Georg Jochmann

Georg Jochmann obtained his medical doctorate in Freiburg in 1898. He then worked in the hygienical institute in Kiel, then in the pathological institute as well as the department of internal medicin of the hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf under Theodor Rumpel (1862-1923), and in the medical clinic in Breslau under Alfred Kast (1856-1903) and Ernst Adolf Gustav Gottfried von Strümpell (1853-1925). He was habilitated in Breslau in 1907, becoming titular professor in 1910.

When the Rudolf Virchow hospital was opened in Berlin, Jochmann was entrusted the leadership of the department of infections. He contracted spotted typhus while treating Russian prisoners of war and died prematurely on January 6, 1915. He was reckoned as an expert on infectious diseases.


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