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Marino Ortolani

Born 1904
Died 1983

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Italian paediatrician, born July 25, 1904, Altedo near Bologna; died 1983.

Biography of Marino Ortolani

Marino Ortolani was professor and chief of paediatrics in Ferrara. He graduated from the medical faculty in Bologna in 1929 and subsequently specialised in paediatrics. He moved to Ferrara where he spent his whole career at the Institut Brefotrofio, an institution for depraved and abandoned children where he became deputy in 1932. Ortolani received his specialist's diploma in paediatrics in 1933. In 1938 he became the director of the institution and in 1948 Chef de Service. He held this position until 1972.

As medical director of the children's clinic in Ferrara in the 1950's he allowed the mothers of his small patients to stay at the hospital, and also arranged that children who had to stay in the hospital for a long time were taught by teachers, thus compensating for their absence from school.

His clinic became an international centre for the detection, treatment and prophylaxis of congenital luxations of the hip. Ortolani himself treated 15 to 20 patients with this condition each day. He wrote one book and 31 articles on the subject.

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