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Robert (Robin) Sanno Fåhræus

Born 1888
Died 1968

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Swedish pathologist and haematologist, born October 15, 1888, Stockholm; died September 18, 1968, Uppsala.

Biography of Robert (Robin) Sanno Fåhræus

Robert Sanno (Robin) Fåhræus was the son of Klas Walter Fåhræus and the actress Olga Kristina Augusta Björkegren. He attended the Karolinska institutet in Stockholm and received his doctorate in 1922. The same year he was habilitated for experimental pathology at this institution, and in 1928 he assumed the chair of pathological anatomy in Uppsala.

At he founding meeting of The International Society of Hemorheology in July, 1966, Robin Fåhræus became the first to receive the highest honour of the Society, the Poiseuille medal. The medal is named for the French physician and physiologist Jean-Louis-Marie Poiseuille (1797-1869), remembered for Hagen- Poiseuille law, a mathematical expression to describe flow of water in narrow bore glass tube.

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