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Jean René Cruchet

Born  1875
Died  1959

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French phyician, born March 21, 1875, Bordeaux; died 1959.

Biography of Jean René Cruchet

Jean René Cruchet studied in Bordeaux. He received his doctorate in 1902 and became Chef de clinique médicale. He became Médecin des hôpitaux in 1907 and was habilitated as a lecturer the same year. In 1920 he became titular professor of general pathology and therapy. In 1926 he assumed the chair of pediatrics at Bordeaux. His main fields of work were tic diseases, spastic torticollis, encephalomyelitis epidemica and flyers’ disease.


  • Etude crituque sur le tic convuslif et son traitement gymnastique.
    Bordeaux 1901-1902.
  • Traité des torticolis spasmodiques. Paris, Masson, 1907.
    In this classic monograph, 357 cases of torticollis are recorded.
  • Les arriérés scolaires. In Oeuvre méd. chir, No. 51; Paris, 1908.
  • La tiquose. In Consult méd Franç. Paris, 1909, VIII. Translated into Spanish.
  • La pratique des maladies des enfants. Paris, 1909-1914.
  • Les universités allemandes au XXe siècle. Paris, 1914.
  • Le mal des aviateurs.
    With R. Moulinier. In Les actualités médicales, Paris, 1919; translated into English.
  • Le mal des aviateurs. Ses causes et ses remédes.
    With R. Moulinier. Paris, J. B. Baillière et Fils, 1920.
  • Le Mal des Aviateurs - Air Sickness: Its Nature and Treatment.
    With J. R. Earp and R. Moulinier. London, England: J. Bale, Sons & Danielsson Ltd, 1920.
  • Les tics.
    With Henri Triboulet (1864-1920). In: Nicholas Augustin Gilbert (1858-1927) and Paul Carnot (born 1869): Nouveau traité de médecine, Paris, 1920?
  • Méningites chroniques et idiotie.
    In Nouveau traité de médecine by Gilbert and Carnot.
  • Les états parkinsoniens et le syndrome bradykinétique.
    With Henri Verger (1873-1930). Paris, 1925.
  • La transfusion du sang de l’animal à l’homme.
    With A. Ragot and J. Caussimon. Paris, Masson et cie, 1927. 106 pages.
  • L’encéphalite épidémique. Paris, 1928.
  • Les mauvaises habitudes chez les enfants. Paris, 1928.

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