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Jean Baptiste Hippolyte Dance

Born 1797
Died 1832

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French pathologist, born February 22, 1797, Saint Pal en Chalencon, département Haute-Loire; died April 18, 1832, Paris.

Biography of Jean Baptiste Hippolyte Dance

Jean Baptiste Hippolyte Dance was the son of a physician and studied medicine in Paris from 1818. he was conferred doctor of medicine in 1826 and that same year became agrégé at the faculty. From 1830 he was physician to the Hôpital Cochin, as well as to a Bureau de charité de bienfaisance. He was employed as a teacher at the clinic at the Hôtel-Dieu, but worked as such only for a few days, as he succumbed to cholera on April 18, 1832.

Dance possessed a keen talent of observation, and despite his premature death left a large number of valuable publications.

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