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Edmund Faustyn Biernacki

Born 1866
Died 1912

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Polish pathologist, born December 19, 1866, Opoczno, Russian Poland; died December 29, 1912, Lemberg (later Lwów in Poland, now Lviv in Ukraine).

Biography of Edmund Faustyn Biernacki

Edmund Faustyn Biernacki Biernacki visited the medical faculty in Warsaw. After receiving his doctorate went abroad for further education in Giessen, Heidelberg, and Paris. In 1902 he was called to Lemberg (Lwów), which then belonged to Austria Hungary. In 1907 he was appointed extraordinary professor of general pathology. From that year he practiced in Karlsbad during the summers and achieved great repute as an internist.

The inventiveness and variety of his experimental research elevates him above the average clinical teacher. His investigations concern questions of haematology, nutrition, metabolism, as well as neurological problems. In neuropathology his name is remembered for Biernacki's syndrome, as he was the first to point at the analgesy of the ulnaris stem in tabes dorsalis. He was a prolific writer.

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