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Josef Arneth

Born  1873-10-13
Died  1955

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German physician and haematologist, born October 13, 1873, Burgkundstadt, Oberfranken; died 1955.

Biography of Josef Arneth

Josef Arneth studied medicine at the universities of Munich, Heidelberg and Würzburg. He was conferred doctor of medicine in Würzburg in 1897 and subsequently became assistant at the clinic of syphilis at the clinic of medicine. In 1904 he became Privatdozent (professor?) of internal medicine in Würzburg. In 1907 he became honorary professor of medicine as well as director of he Municipal Hospital in Münster from 1907. He held this tenure until 1944.

Arneth was an active researcher in haematology and published several books on the subject of diseases of the blood and pulmonary tuberculosis. He demonstrated five groups of polymorphonuclear leucocytes in normal blood and advocated the estimation of these groups as a valuable aid in the determination of bone-marrow reaction to infective and other agents.

Much of his theoretical work was, however, strongly criticised and found little acceptance. He is, though, considered one of the pioneers of German haematology.


  • Die Lungenschwindsucht auf Grundlage klinischer und experimenteller hämatologischer Untersuchungen. Leipzig 1905.
  • Diagnose und Therapie der Anämien. Würzburg 1907.
  • Die qualitative Blutlehre. 4 volumes, Münster 1920-1924.
  • Leitfaden der Perkussion und Auskultation.
    Jena 1920; 4th edition, 1924.
  • Die speziellen Blutkrankheiten im Lichte der qualitativen Blutlehre.
    2 volumes; Münster, 1928-1930.
  • Die neueren Behandlungsmethoden des Magen-Zwölf-fingerdarmgeschwürs und die Leub’sche Uleuskur.
    Leipzig, Barth, 1943. 124 pages.
    Referring to Wilhelm Olivier von Leube (1842-1922.
  • Qualitative Blutlehre und Blutktankheiten, einschliesslich der Verhältnisse bei den Blutplättchen, zusammenfassende, systematische Bearbeitung.
    Leipzig, Bart, 1942. 362 pages. 2nd edition, Leipzig, 1945, x, 387 pages.

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