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Sir Stephen MacKenzie

Born  1844
Died  1909

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English physician, born October 13, 1844, Leytonstone; died September 3, 1909, Docking, Surrey.

Biography of Sir Stephen MacKenzie

Stephen MacKenzie studied at London Hospital, then at the Aberdeen University, where he received his doctorate in 1875. Following further education in Berlin he once more came to London Hospital as a physician, and in 1877 became lecturer in pathology and pathological anatomy, in 1880 lecturer in theoretical and clinical medicine. He was at the same time physician at the Moorfields Eye Hospital. He was knighted in 1909.

Besides numerous journal papers he published contributions to John Quain's (1795-1865) Elements of Descriptive and Practical Anatomy for the Use of Students (first published 1828, 11th edition 1908-1929), Christopher Heath’s (1835-1905) Course of Operative Surgery, London, J. & A. Churchill, 1877 (2nd edition 1884), as well as Thomas Clifford Allbutt (1836-1925) and Sir Humphrey Davy Rolleston (1862-1944): The System of Medicine, 11 volumes, London 1905-1911.

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