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Wilhelm Uhthoff

Born 1853
Died 1927

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German ophthalmologist, born July 31, 1853, Klein-Warin, Grand Duchy of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (now Mecklenburg-Vorpommern); died March 21, 1927, Breslau.

Biography of Wilhelm Uhthoff

Wilhelm Uhthoff began his studies in 1873, attending the universities of Tübingen, Göttingen, Rostock, and Berlin. He received his doctorate at the latter in 1877 and was licensed in 1878. He turned to eye medicine and became an assistant to Heinrich Leopold Schoeler (1844-1918). He was habilitated at Berlin in 1884, and in 1890 followed a call to Marburg as ordentlicher Professor, succeeding Hermann Schmidt-Rimpler (1838-1915). In 1896 he succeeded Carl Friedrich Richard Förster (1825-1902) at Breslau, remaining in this tenure until he was emerited in 1923.

Uhthoff’s most important work concerns studies on the relationship between general diseases, particularly those of central nervous system and poisonings, to ophthalmology.

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