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Pierre-Hubert Nysten

Born 1771
Died 1818

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French paediatrician, born October 30, 1771, Liège, Belgium; died March 3, 1818, Paris.

Biography of Pierre-Hubert Nysten

Pierre-Hubert Nysten studied the physical and medical sciences in Paris. In 1798, through concours, he became an anatomical assistant as well as preparator in chemistry, receiving the title of professor at the École de Médecine.

In 1802 he obtained his medical doctorate, and that year he published the result of galvanic experiments on the irritability of the ”muscular organs in man and red-blooded animals.” Still in 1802, Nysten participated in the commission investigating yellow fever in Spain, and in 1805 he was assigned to southern France to investigate the causes of a disease of silkworms prevailing there. Upon his return he received a position at Hospice des enfants in Paris.

Nysten was a member of the Institut de France, and shortly before his premature death at the age of 47, he obtained the position of Médecin-chef at the children’s hospital.

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