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Heinrich Unverricht

Born 1853
Died 1912

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German physician, born September 18, 1853, Breslau; died April 22, 1912, Magdeburg.

Biography of Heinrich Unverricht

Heinrich Unverricht studied at Breslau and received his doctorate there in 1877. Influenced by Michael Anton Biermer (1827-1892) he concentrated his efforts in internal medicine, being habilitated as Dozent for this discipline with a fundamental work on epilepsy at Berlin in 1883.

In 1886 he was called to Jena as ausserordentlicher Professor and director of the medical policlinic, in 1888 moved to Dorpat, now Tartu, Estonia, as professor ordinarius and director of the medical clinic. His most important work was done in Dorpat. Because of the russification of the Dorpat university he abandoned his tenure and in 1892 assumed the position of director of the city Krankenanstalt Magdeburg-Sudenburg and in 1894 was appointed Medizinalrat. Unverricht published more than 50 works.

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