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Rudolf Jürgens

Born  1898
Died  1949

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German haematologist, 1898-1961. Leipzig. Berlin. Basel. Boston.

Biography of Rudolf Jürgens

In 1922 in Leipzig, Rudolf (Rulf) Jürgens founded the Neudeutscher Pfadfinderbund - the German Pathfinders, which became the Reichsschaft Deutscher Pfadfinder. When the National Socielists came to power, they were ordered to join a Nazi organisation. Jürgens refused, and was forced to leave Germany. He escaped to Switzerland, where he received help from Eduard Glanzmann (1887-1959) and Fornier. Von Willebrand wrote to George Richards Minot (1885-1950) in Bosten who agreed to provide a position in his clinic for Jürgens. In 1949 Jürgens Jürgens paid an academic visit to Finland, but unfortunately von Willebrand’s terminal illness prevented him in retain contact with his former colleague.

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