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Ludwig Wilhelm Carl Rehn

Born 1849
Died 1930

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German surgeon, born April 13, 1849, Allendorf an der Werra; died May 29, 1930, Frankfurt am Main.

Biography of Ludwig Wilhelm Carl Rehn

The son of a physician, Ludwig Wilhelm Carl Rehn studied medicine at Marburg, where he received his doctorate in 1875. Following his assistant period at the Bürgerspital in Frankfurt am Main, he settled in practice in Griesheim am Main, later in Rödelheim. He then went to Frankfurt, where he practiced surgery and with the gynaecologist C. Stahl opened a small private clinic. In 1886 he took over the surgical department of the Städtisches Krankenhaus, a position that enabled him to broaden the scope of his work considerably.

In 1880 he first performed thyroidectomy for goitre, on September 9, 1896 the first successful suture of the heart. He was also first to describe bladder cancer in aniline workers, and he introduced the operation for rectal prolapse.

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