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Heinrich Ewald Hering

Born 1866
Died 1948

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Austrian physician, born May 3, 1866, Vienna; died 1948, in a village in Mecklenburg, Germany.

Biography of Heinrich Ewald Hering

Heinrich Ewald Hering attended the universities of Prague and Kiel, receiving his doctorate in 1893 at Kiel, where he worked in the institute for general and experimental pathology 1893-1898. He was habilitated for general and experimental pathology in 1895, becoming professor extraordinary in 1901, professor in 1903. In 1913 he followed a call to Cologne, as professor of physiology.

Hering was not a very popular man, but he was an important medical scientist, recognized for his thoroughness and stubbornness. His research concerns the normal and pathological physiology og the nervous system, muscles, heart, vessels and the autonomous nervous system. His work on the automatic regulation of the circulation by the pressoreceptor nerves earned him a recommendation for the Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine. However, he did not receive it.

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