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Christian Magnus Falsen Sinding-Larsen

Born 1866
Died 1930

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Norwegian physician, born April 17, 1866, Kristiania (now Oslo); died February 12, 1930, Oslo.

Biography of Christian Magnus Falsen Sinding-Larsen

Christian Magnus Falsen Sinding-Larsen was the son of Nils Ulrik "Alfred" Sinding-Larsen (1839-1911) and Elisabeth Lange (1842-1887). He graduated in medicine in 1891 and subsequently worked as an assistant physician at the Rikshospitalet in Kristiania (now Oslo). He became physician, later physician-in-chief, at the Kysthospitalet – the Coastal hospital for scrofulous children – in Fredriksværn (now Stavern) in 1892. During the next twenty years he undertook several educational journeys, visiting Denmark, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France.

He obtained his medical doctorate in 1907 with a dissertation on tuberculous coxitis, and in 1911 he was appointed director of Rikshospitalet, the national research hospital. An outstanding administrator, Sinding-Larsen contributed to rebuilding and modernisation of the Rikshospitalet, and remained in his position until his death in 1930.

He published several works on the surgical treatment of tuberculosis, an area in which he was one of the leading specialists in the Nordic countries.

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