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Jan Gösta Waldenström

Born  1906
Died  1996

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Swedish internist, 1906-1996.

Biography of Jan Gösta Waldenström

Jan Gösta Waldenström was the son of Johann Henning Waldenström (1877-1972), professor of orthopaedic surgery in Stockholm, and the grandson of Johan Anton Waldenström (1839-1879), professor of internal medicine in Uppsala.

Waldenström had a brilliant career. Already in 1941 he became professor of theoretical medicine at Uppsala University, where he took full advantage of an intense scientific environment. In 1944 he became professor of internal medicine at Lund University as well as chief physician and head of the Department of Medicine in Malmö, where he was to remain until his retirement in 1972.

Waldenström was considered one of the finest clinicians in his time and conducted important research. He was one of the first to identify and correctly classify the various forms of porphyria.

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