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František Chvostek

Born  1835
Died  1884

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Austrian military physician/internist, born May 21, 1835, Mistek, Moravia; died, November 16, 1884, Vienna.

Biography of František Chvostek

František Chvostek studied at the medical-surgical Josephs-Akademie where he received his doctorate in 1861. Until 1863 he was posted with a regiment, and during this period was allocated to serve the Garnisonsspital Nr. 1 in Vienna. From 1863 to 1867 he was the assistant of Adalbert Duchek (1824-1882) and from 1868 to 1871 he lectured on electrotherapy at the Josephs-Akademie, which was the academy for military physicians.

In 1871 he took over Duchek’s medical clinic and headed this until the academy was closed in 1874. From then on he worked as chief of the internal department of the Garnisonsspital Nr. 1 and Korrepetitor at the military courses, until he died in 1884 as Oberstabsarzt and professor.

Chvostek was a conscientious, enthusiastic and humane physician, well known in wide circles; he enjoyed a large practice and was even active as a literary writer. From 1863 to his death he published 136 works covering the entire field of internal medicine in medical journals. He was also a member of a committee on military sanitation for which he wrote yearly reports.

His son was the internist Franz Chvostek (1864-1944), known for Chvostek's symptom.


  • Ueber Milztumoren. Wiener Klinik, 1879.
  • Die Krankheiten der Nebennieren. Wiener Klinik, 1880.
  • Suppurative Leberentzündung. Wiener Klinik, 1881.
  • Klinische Vorträge über die Krankheiten der Pfortader. Wiener Klinik, 1882.

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