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Nathan Weiss

Born  1851
Died  1883

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Austrian physician, born May 8, 1851, Gross-Meseritsch (Mähren); died September 13, 1883.

Biography of Nathan Weiss

Nathan Weiss Studied in Vienna and obtained his doctorate in 1874. He became secondary physician at the Wiener Allgemeines Krankenhaus and was habilitated for internal medicine in 1879. Weiss was the first to undertake systematic investigations of the spinal marrow as well as the medulla oblongata and the basal ganglia, finding changes in the anterior cells of the medulla spinalis as well as in the motor nucleus of the oblongata.

As early as in 1881, before the discovery of the epithelial bodies, Weiss demonstrated causal association between tetany and extirpation of goitre.

Weiss committed suicide i 1883, only few months after he had been entrusted with the leadership of the outpatient clinic for nervous diseases at the Vienna General Hospital.


  • Über Tetanie. [Volkmanns] Sammlung klinischer Vorträge, Leipzig, 1881.

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