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Henri Albert Charles Antoine Hartmann

Born 1860
Died 1892

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French surgeon, born June 16, 1860, Paris 17e; died January 1, 1952, Paris 17e.

Biography of Henri Albert Charles Antoine Hartmann

Henri Albert Charles Antoine Hartmann was the son of the chemist Charles Antoine Hartmann and his swiss wife Octavie Marie Anne Koenig. He received his education in Paris, becoming an interne in 1882, doctor of medicine 1887. He was Chirurgien des Hôpitaux from 1892, professeur agrégé from 1895, and in 1909 he assumed the chair of surgery at his alma mater – Hôtel-Dieu – in Paris. He remained in this position until 1930. Hartmann was one of the most distinguished surgeons in France and a Member of the Académie de Médecine. He was married to Lucy Jeanne Cécile Deharme, but had no children.

Hartmann is best remembered for the two-stage colectomy he devised for colonic cancer or diverticulitis.

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