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Meinhard Robinow

Born  1909
Died  1997

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German-American paediatrician and clinical geneticist, born May 19, 1909, Hamburg, died July 1997.

Biography of Meinhard Robinow

Meinhard Robinow was the son of a Hamburg lawyer. He studied medicine at the Universities of Munich, Heidelberg, Berlin and Hamburg, graduating in 1934. Shortly after he moved to the USA to avoid Nazi persecution. He subsequently trained in paediatrics in Augusta, Georgia and at the Fels Research Institute, Yellow Springs, Ohio.

After serving in the US Army Medical Corps in Europe during World War II, he settled in paediatric practice in Yellow Springs, Ohio. He remained here until 1975, when he accepted an academic position at the University of Virginia. From here he moved to Wright State University and the Children's Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio. Robinow spent the last years of his life on a farm in Ohio with his wife since 1944, Beatrice Wilt. They had three children.

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