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Gustav von Bergmann

Born  1878
Died  1955

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German internist, born December 24, 1878, Würzburg; died 1955.

Biography of Gustav von Bergmann

Gustav von Bergmann was the son of Ernst von Bergmann (1836–1907) the surgeon. He received his medical education in Berlin, Munich, Bonn, and Strassburg. After obtaining his medical doctorate at Strassburg in 1903, he worked at the institute of physiology and chemistry under Franz Hofmeister (1850-1922). From 1903 to 1912 he was active in the Berlin II medical clinic under Friedrich Kraus (1858-1936). He was habilitated for internal medicine in 1908, becoming titular professor in 1910, and in 1916 he assumed the chair of internal medicine in Marburg an der Lahn. In 1920 he moved to the same tenure in Frankfurt am Main, and from 1927 at the II medical clinic at the Berlin Charité.

Bergmann's investigations particularly concern ulcus pepticum, cholecystopathy, hepatopathy, hypertonus, and the vegetative nervous system.

Bergmann attended to Emil von Behring during the last night before Behring died of a pulmonary inflammation, on March 31, 1917.

With Albrecht Bethe (1872-1954) and Gustav Georg Embden (1874-1933), Bergmann was the publisher of Handbuch der normalen und pathologischen Physiologie, Berlin 1925 ff.. With Rudolf Stähelin (1875-1943) he published the second edition of Handbuch der inneren Medizin, Berlin, 1925-1931.


  • Die Erkrankungen des Magens.
    With Gerhardt Katsch (1887-1961) and Hans Heinrich Berg (1889-1968).
    In: Handbuch der inneren Medizin, volume 3, 1. Berlin, 1926.
  • Das vegetative Nervensystem und seine Störungen.
    With E. Billigheimer. Handbuch der inneren Medizin, volume 5, 2. Berlin, 1926.
  • Pathologische Physiologie spezieller Krankheitsbilder. With G. Katsch.
    Handbuch der normalen und pathologischen Physiologie. Volume 3; Berlin, 1927.
  • Die Erkrankungen des Mediastinum. In: G. von Bergmann, publisher: Handbuch der inneren Medizin, Volume 2, 1. Berlin : Springer, 1930.
  • Die korrelativen Funktionen des autonomen Nervensystems. With Chr. Kraetz.
    Handbuch der normalen und pathologischen Physiologie, volume 16, 1. Berlin, 1930.
  • Klinik der Krankheiten der Leber und Gallenwege.
    Lehrbuch der inneren Medizin, volume 1. Berlin, 1931.
  • Rückschau. Geschehen und Erleben auf meiner Lebensbühne.
    München, 1953. 319 pages.
We thank Rudolf Kleinert and Christian A. Katsch, both Germany, for information submitted.

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