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James Adolf Israel

Born 1848
Died 1926

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German surgeon, born February 2, 1848, Berlin; died February 2, 1926, Berlin.

Biography of James Adolf Israel

James Adolf Israel was the first to describe ray fungus in a human lesion. He also made some notable contributions to renal surgery and to tuberculosis. He studied in Berlin, in particular under von Bernhard Rudolf Konrad von Langenbeck (1810-1887) and Ludwig Traube (1818-1876). After receiving his doctorate in 1870, he continued his education in Vienna, and in 1872 became assistant physician at the hospital for the Jewish Community. In 1875, after undertaking further education in England and Scotland, he became deputy physician-in-chief of the surgical department of the Jewish hospital in Berlin. He was promoted to chief-in-chief there in 1880, and in 1894 he received the title of professor. His inaugural thesis concerned Bright’s kidney disease. His first report of an operation of the kidney came in 1882.

The works listed below is just a small selection of his more than 100 publications.

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