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Bernhard Aschner

Born 1883-01-27
Died 1960

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Austrian gynaecologist, born January 27, 1883, Vienna; died 1960.

Biography of Bernhard Aschner

Bernhard Aschner studied in Vienna and was conferred doctor of medicine in 1907. He became demonstrator at the anatomical institute under Emil Zuckerkandl (1849-1910), he was an apprentice of surgery at the clinics of Anton von Eiselsberg (1860-1939) and of Friedrich Schauta (1849-1919), and 1912-1914 was assistant at the Women's Clinic in Halle an der Saale where he was finally habilitated in obstetrics and gynaecology. His habilitation in Vienna came in 1918. His work concerned internal secretion, theories of constitutions (Konstitutionslehre) and constitution therapy in the medicine of women (Frauenheilkunde).

Aschner was able to keep hypophysectomized dogs alive indefinitely. He found that they developed genital hypoplasia.

Aschner was prolific writer whose bibliography comprises a rather long list of papers. From 1926 he published a translation of the work of Paracelsus in Hochdeutsch.

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