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Claudio Fermi

Born  1862

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Italian medical scientist, born January 2, 1862, Monticelli d'Ongina, province of Piacenza.

Biography of Claudio Fermi

Claudio Fermi was the son of a druggist in Monticelli. He studied in Napoli, Modena, Zürich and Munich. He obtained his doctorate in 1889 and became 2nd assistant at the hygienical institute in Rome. He was habilitated in Rome in 1894 and from 1898 worked as professor of hygiene in Sassari. One of his students at the Institute of Hygiene in Rome was Alfonso Splendore (1871-1953).

His numerous publications concern a wide variety of topics.


  • Die Leim und Fibrin lösenden und die diastatischen Fermente der Mikroorganismen.
    Doctoral dissertation, 1889.
  • Eugenia Tognotti:
    Claudio Fermi e la ricerca contro la malaria all'Università di Sassari : 1898-1934.
    In: R. Turtas, A. Rundine, E. Tognotti: Università, studenti, maestri : contributi alla storia della cultura in Sardegna, pp. 105-125.

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