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Leo Spira

Born  1899
Died  1972

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British physician and biochemist, born December 26, 1899; died June 30, 1972, London.

Biography of Leo Spira

We have very little biographical information about Spira. It seems that he was born in eastern Europe, maybe Grodny, Poland, which is now in Belarus, and moved to England. Can you help?


  • The drama of fluorine. Arch enemy of mankind.
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Lee Foundation for Nutritional Research, 1953. 2nd edition, 1959.
    A typewritten treatise arguing against the fluoridation of water. In 1953 Leo Spira had identified gingivitis and bleeding gums as signs of chronic fluoride poisoning. In this work he summarized his findings of over 30 years of pioneering research into various disease states he ultimately found to be related to fluoride intake.
  • The clinical aspect of chronic poisoning by aluminum and its alloys.
    With a foreword by Prof. Dr. Hans Horst Meyer (1853-1939). Bale, Sons & Danielson, 1933.

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