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Heiko and Eva Braak


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German anatomists, Frankfurt.

Biography of Heiko and Eva Braak

Heiko Braak and Eva Braak (1939-2000) were professors at the anatomical institute of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universit├Ąt, Frankfurt, and in charge of a group investigating new techniques in the study of degenerative changes of the brain. Eva Braak died in 2000 and Heiko Braak is officially retired from teaching and administrative duties at the univiversitt, but has been appointed to a senior research position (for life) at the anatomical institute (information per September 2007).

In addition to the landmark article in Acta Neuropathologica in 1991 regarding the neuropathological staging of Alzheimer's disease, Heiko Braak in 2003 published a neuropathological staging protocoll for sporadic Parkinson's disease,

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