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David Bixler

Born  1929-01-07

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American dentist and human geneticist, born January 7, 1929, Chicago.

Biography of David Bixler

David Bixler was educated at Indiana University, where he obtained both a dental qualification and a doctorate and subsequently became professor of medical genetics. In 1971 David Bixler founded the Oral Facial (Craniofacial) Genetics section of the Department of Facial Development at the Indiana University School of Dentistry. Dr. Bixler also held a joint appointment as an Associate Professor in the Indiana University School of Medicine Medical Genetics department, enabling him to foster a close collaboration between the Dental and Medical Schools. Bixler advocated the development of a dental curriculum that would use genetics to bring about a better understanding of medical problems and their solutions. Dr. Bixler retired as Professor Emeritus of Oral Facial Genetics and Medical and Molecular Genetics in 1993. During his tenure and under his supervision more than sixteen postdoctoral fellows received training in oral-facial genetics.

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