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Gustav Heuck

Born 1854
Died 1940

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German surgeon, Born August 25, 1854, Kuetzerhof near Dargun, Mecklenburg; Died November 17, 1940, Karlsruhe.

Biography of Gustav Heuck

This biography was submitted by Christoph Heuck:

Gustav Heuck was born as the oldest son of Christian Ernst Ulrich Wilhelm Heuck and his wife Sophie Catharine Marie Hinrichsen. He was born on August 25th 1854 in Kuetzerhof near Dargun, Mecklenburg, near the Baltic Sea. He had five brothers and one sister. He went to Gymnasium (High school) in Schwerin, the Capital of Mecklenburg, and then studied medicine at the Universities of Heidelberg (1872-73), Leipzig (1873-74) and Würzburg (1874-75). He returned again to Heidelberg 1875-1877 where he passed his final medical exam and prepared his doctoral thesis.

After four months in Wien he started working as a physician with Professor Nikolaus Friedreich (1825-1882) in the Department of Internal Medicine of the University of Heidelberg (1877-1881). Inbetween, he served one year in the Army (October 1870 to November1880). Thereafter, he worked with Professor Czerny in the Department of Surgery and Gynecology of the University of Heidelberg fromApril 1881 until September 1884.

In August 1884, he was nominated Director of the City Hospital of the City of Mannheim (25 km west of Heidelberg), where he practiced surgery and gynaecology until 1925. 1908 he was honoured as „Councelor of Medicine" (Medizinalrat) and in 1916 as „Distinguished Councelor of Medicine" (Geheimer Medizinalrat).

Heuck married Luise Kuhn (19.09.1847 – 01.04.1901) in July 1885 She gave birth to his daughter Sophie, 24. April 1889, and to his son Paul, 14 July 1900. Paul deceded during World War One.

Gustav was the first surgeon ever employed by the City Hosptal of Mannheim. Before, surgeons worked on an ambulatory basis, only. Known as excellent surgeon he provided his services, preferably in abdominal surgery, also to two other hospitals in the City, the Protestant Diakonissen Hospital and the Heinrich Lanz Hospital, during many years. Gustav retired from surgery in 1925 at the age of 77.

Gustav Heuck was a highly respected citizen. He was nominated as chairman of the Medical Association and was member of various social associations. He died 17th November 1940 in Karlsruhe, Germany, where his daughter lived.

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