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Maurice Roch

Born 1878
Died 1967

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Swiss physician, born February 23, 1878, Geneva; died March 13, 1967, Geneva

Biography of Maurice Roch

Maurice Roch was the son of Jean Alexandre Roch and Caroline Elisabeth Roch née Collart. He studied in his native town. In 1902 he got his federal diploma and received his doctorate the following year. Then he went abroad for further education in Munich, Paris (Institut Pasteur), and Berlin.

Roch worked in Geneva as an assistant in the therapeutical laboratory under Albert Mayor (1853-1931) 1905-1906. He was Chef de clinique under Louis Bard (1857-1930) 1906-1910, and Médecin adjoint 1910-1913. From 1904 to 1916 he was Privatdozent for clinical therapeutics. From 1914 to 1920 he was physician at the Butini hospital. 1920 he became professor and head of the medical clinic of the Cantonal Hospital in Geneva. He was dean of the medical faculty of Geneva from 1926 to 1930, then vice-rector of the university until 1932 and rector until 1934. He retired 1953.

Roch was corresponding member of the Académie de Paris since 1930 and was officer of the french légion d'honneur. He was literary active under the pseudonyme René D. Jandré.

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