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Max Askanazy

Born 1865
Died 1940

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German pathologist, born February 24,1865, Stallupönen, Ostpreussen, now Nesterov, Russia; died October 10, 1940, Genève, Switzerland.

Biography of Max Askanazy

Max Askanazy attended the University of Königsberg where he received his medical doctorate in 1890. He subsequently worked in the pathological institute until 1895. In 1894 he was habilitated for general pathology, pathological mycology and pathological anatomy, becoming titular professor in 1903. In 1905 he accepted an invitation to become professor of general pathology in Geneva, succeeding Friedrich Wilhelm Zahn (1845-1904). He held this tenure until 1939 and became a citizen of honour of Geneva in 1935.

Askanazy's work in particular concerns blood formation, animal parasites, the pathology of bones. and experimental and spontaneous formation of tumours in man.

In 1928 he founded the Société internationale de pathologie géographique- The International Society for geographical Pathology. His bibliography lists about 170 items.

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