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Fritz Valdemar Rasmussen

Born  1837
Died  1877

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Danish physician, born August 28, 1837, Århus, Jutland; died February 22, 1877, Copenhagen? Authors disagree about his year of birth, some say 1833 or 1834.

Biography of Fritz Valdemar Rasmussen

Fritz Valdemar Rasmussen passed his state examination in Copenhagen in 1860 and subsequently studied abroad, under Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902) in Berlin. After returning home in 1862, he worked as 1. assistant at the newly established Communehospitalet, and was prosector in the pathological-anatomical museum. During the war with Germany over Schleswig-Holstein in 1864 he was head physician in a military hospital in the castle of Frederiksborg, and the next year, 1865, became prosector in the Communehospitalet. He obtained his doctorate in 1866. From 1866 he was co-editor with Karl Georg Lange (1834-1900) of the Hospitals-Tidende, and from 1868 to 1874 was Privatdocent of pathological anatomy at the University of Copenhagen. During the years 1870-1875, on an initiative by Carl Emil Fenger (1814-1884), he headed a mixed department of medicine and surgery at the Communehospital and, in 1874, with Karl Georg Lange, established a medico-pneumatic institution as well as a clinic for diseases of the chest. From 1874 to his early dearth in 1877 he held the chair of pathological anatomy and general pathology at the University of Copenhagen. However, due to illness, he was never really active in this position.


  • Ueber die Entwicklungsverhältnisse der Echinococcen beim Menschen.
    Doctoral dissertation, Copenhagen, 1866.

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