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Johann Christian Rosenmüller

Born  1771
Died  1820

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German anatomist og surgeon, born May 25, 1771; died February 28, 1820.

Biography of Johann Christian Rosenmüller

Johann Christian Rosenmüller entered the University of Leipzig in 1786, receiving the degree of Magister in 1792. He subsequently studied in Erlangen and in 1794 was appointed prosector of the anatomical institute at Leipzig. He received his doctorate in 1797, and from 1802 until his death was active as professor of anatomy and surgery. From 1804 to 1809 he also held the post og Physicus to the university.

While a student Rosenmüller was a pioneering speleologist. Both the cave bear – ursus spelaeus rosenmüller – and a cave is named in his honour.


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