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Yakov Leontievich Okuniewskii

Born  1877
Died  1940

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Russian infectologist, 1877-1940.

Biography of Yakov Leontievich Okuniewskii

Yakov Leontievich Okuniewskii studied medicine at the Military Medical Academy and graduated 1904. From 1908-1912 he worked in the Military hospital at Odessa, and from 1912 to 1914 he was
assistant and senior lecture at Military Medical Academy. He received his medical doctorate in 1920. From 1924 until his death in 1940 he was in charge of the courses for disinfection at the Military Medical Academy.

Yakov Leontievich Okuniewskii is remembered for his investigations into new disinfection and disinfection agents and methods for his use. He published over 120 articles.

We thank Zoran Bojanic, M.D., for information submitted.


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  • Practycheskoe rukovodstvo po desinfeccii. Moscow, I-IV, 1926-1936.
  • Prosteishye sposoby ozdorovlenya byta. With P. A. Patsanovsky. Leningrad, 1936.
  • Practycheskoe rukovodstvo po voiskovoi desinfeccii.
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