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Maxim Petrovich Konchalovskii

Born  1875
Died  1942

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Russian/Soviet physician, 1875-1942. Name also spelled Maksim and Konchalovsky.

Biography of Maxim Petrovich Konchalovskii

Maxim Petrovich Konchalovskii studied medicine at the Medical faculty of Moscow University. He graduated in 1899 and received his medical doctorate in 1911. In 1918 he became head teacher of hospital therapy of the women's higher courses, which later become a part of Medical faculty. In 1929 he was appointed to the chair of clinical therapy, from 1930 at the First Moscow Medical Institute.

Maxim Petrovich Konchalovskii was vice-president of the International league against rheumatism and in 1934 he was president of the IV World Anti-rheumathic Congress. He published over 150 articles.

We thank Zoran Bojanic, M.D., Serbia, for information about Konchalewskii.


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