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Horatio George Adamson

Born 1860
Died 1955

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English physician, born November 28, 1860, London; died 1955.

Biography of Horatio George Adamson

Horatio George Adamson studied at St. Bartholomew's Hospital and obtained his medical doctorate in 1888. He then spent some years in a Surrey general practice before he returned to hospital medicine. Back in London, he worked in the North Eastern Hospital for Children. Adamson learned dermatology from John James Pringle (1855-1922) at the Middlesex Hospital, London.

In 1909 he returned to St. Bartholomew's as a full time specialist and lecturer in dermatology, remaining with this hospital until 1928. Besides dermatology, he developed a lifelong interest in mycology while working with Thomas Colcott Fox (1849-1916), the brother of the dermatologist William Tilbury Fox (1836-1879), at the Downs Ringworm School of the Metropolitan Asylums Board, in Sutton. There Adamson modified Robert Kienböck's (1871-1953) technique for X-ray epilation for scalp ringworm.

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