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Anton Gilbert Viktor Ebner, Ritter von Rofenstein

Born 1842
Died 1925

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Austrian histologist, born n February 4, 1842, Bregenz; died March 20, 1925. Name also commonly given as Viktor von Ebner-Rofenstein.

Biography of Anton Gilbert Viktor Ebner, Ritter von Rofenstein

Anton Gilbert Viktor von Ebner studied in Göttingen, Vienna, and Graz, mainly under Ernst Wilhelm Ritter von Brücke (1819-1892) and Alexander Rollett (1834-1903), receiving his doctorate in Vienna in 1866. He was assistant at the physiological laboratory in Graz from 1860 to 1870, 1870-1873 Privatdozent of histology and developmental history in Innsbruck, and from 1873 worked as professor of the two latter disciplines at the University of Graz; from 1888 professor of histology in Vienna.

In addition to the works mentioned below, he published extensively on botanical and zoological themes as well as on developmental history and anatomical-histological subjects.

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