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Vasily Isayevich Isayev

Born 1854
Died 1911

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Russian microbiologist and epidemiologist, 1854-1911. Name also written Vassilii Issaevicj Issaev. German spelling of Issaev is Issaeff.

Biography of Vasily Isayevich Isayev

This was submitted by Zoran Bojanic, Serbia:

Vasily Isayevich Isayev studied medicine at the Medical faculty, Moscow University, graduating in 1877. In 1892 he attended a course of bacteriology by Ilia Ilich Mechnikov (1845-1916) and Emile Pierre Paul Roux (1853-1933) in Paris. After that he was chief doctor and medical inspector in the port of Kronshtadt to the end of his life.

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