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Alexandr Alexandrovich Bogomolets

Born  1881
Died  1946

Related eponyms

Olexandr Olexandrovych Bohomelets Ukrainian pathophysiologist, born May 12, 1881, Kiev; died July 19, 1946.

Biography of Alexandr Alexandrovich Bogomolets

Alexandr Alexandrovich Bogomolets studied medicine at the medical faculty of the Novorosiisk University in Odessa and received his doctorate there in 1906 (Zoran: 1909). From 1906 to 1911 he was assistant, and was habilitated in 1909. In 1911 he was appointed professor extraordinary at the Saratow university, where he was promoted to the chair in 1913. He held this tenure until 1925, when he was appointed to the chair of pathology at the University of Moscow. From 1931 he lived and worked in Kiev, where is he founded the Institute of experimental biology and pathology and the Institute of experimental clinical physiology at the Ukrainian Academy of science, of which he had been a member since 1929.

Bogomolets concerned himself with endocrinology, the pathology of metabolism, immunology, the pathology of constitution (Konstitutionspathologie) and blood transfusion. In 1921 he wrote the first book of pathophysiology in USSR.

We thank Zoran Bojanic, Serbia, and Bohdan Bidovanets for information used in this entry.


  • K voprosu o mikroskopicheskom stroenii i fiziologicheskom znachenii nadpochechnych zhelez v zdorovom i bolnom organizme.
    Dissertacia. Sankt Peterburg, 1909.
  • Kratkii kurs pathologicheskoi phyziologii. Saratov, 1921.
  • Patologicheskaia physiologia. 2 volumes. Saratov, 1923-1924.
  • Vvedenie v uchenie o konsituciah i diatezah. Moskva, 1926.
  • Krizis endokrinologii. Moscow, 1927.
    Crisis of endocrinology. German: Krise der Endokrinologie.
  • Otiok. Moscow, 1928.
  • [Introduction to the doctrines of the constitution and diatheses].
    Moscow, 2nd edition, 1928.
    German: Einführung in die Lehre der Konstitution und der Diathesen.
  • Vegetativnych centrah obmena. Moscow, 1928.
  • [Oedema]. German: Das Ödem. In Russian. Moscow, 1929.
  • [Textbook of pathological physiology]. Moscow, 1929.
    German: Lehrbuch der pathologischen Physiologie.
  • Arterialnaia gipertonia. Moscow-Leningrad, 1929.
  • Osnovi patologicnoi physiologii. With others. 3 volumes, 1933-1936.
  • Prodlenie zhyzni. Kiev.1938.

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