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Friedrich von Müller

Born  1858
Died  1941

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German internist, born September 17, 1858, Augsburg; died 1941, München.

Biography of Friedrich von Müller

Friedrich von Müller was the son of the director of the medical department of the hospital in Augsburg. He first studied natural sciences in Munich, then medicine in Munich and Würzburg. As a student in Munich he worked with Karl von Voit (1831-1908). He received his doctorate in Munich in 1882, and in 1883 became assistant to Carl Jakob Adolf Christian Gerhardt (1833-1902) in the Juliusspital in Würzburg, following Gerhardt to Berlin in 1885.

He was habilitated for internal medicine in 1888, and in the following years went to Bonn as professor of clinical propaedeutics, and laryngology. In 1890 he moved to Breslau as a policlinician, and in 1892 came to Marburg as full professor. In 1899 he was called to Basel, but in 1902 he returned to his alma mater, Munich, to work in the II medical clinic.

    «The relentless logic of Latin is a stern apprenticeship for intellectual efforts. It teaches us to think clearly, more effectively so than any other language or discipline, including mathematics, which requires talent rather than labor.»
    Quoted by Johanna Haarer in Die Welt des Arztes. Translated by Max Samter.


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    Müller demonstrated that an increased metabolism accompanies exophthalmic goitre.
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    The 72nd and completely revised edition appeared in 2000, published by Springer Verlag.
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