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Wilhelm Krause

Born 1833
Died 1910

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German anatomist, born July 12, 1833, Hannover; died February 4, 1910, Charlottenburg.

Biography of Wilhelm Krause

Wilhelm Krause was the son of the eminent anatomist Karl Friedrich Theodor Krause (1797-1868). He received his medical education in Göttingen, Berlin, Vienna, and Zurich. He obtained his doctorate in 1854, and in 1860 came to Göttingen as professor extraordinary. In 1892 he was called to Berlin as head of the laboratory of anatomical institute. He published more than 100 lesser works in medical journals.

Krause distinguished the genital bodies from endbulbs by their larger size and by the presence of constrictions on their surface; these bodies were similar in location, nerve supply and form, and basic construction. This definitive work was done with only dilute alkali or acetic acid solutions together with the occasional use of Berlin blue.

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