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Carlo Mondini

Born  1729
Died  1803

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Italian anatomist, born November 5, 1729, Bologna; died September 4, 1803.

Biography of Carlo Mondini

Carlo Mondini was the son of Giovanni Antonio Mondini, professor of medicine. At the age of 23, having completed his studies, he became an assistant in the Ospedale di Santa Maria della Morte, and in 1757 he was conferred doctor of philosophy and medicine. For the next seven years he concentrated his efforts in the study of anatomy and was habilitated as a lecturer at the medical faculty. In 1782 he succeeded Luigi Galvani (1737-1798) in the chair of anatomy, when Galvani was appointed professor of obstetrics.

Mondini's work span a wide variety of topics, including the reproduction of eels, the hearing organ of deaf persons, the structure of the eye, investigations of Ascaris (a form of roundworm), fish gills, and diverticulum of the intestine. In 1777 he discovered the location of eel ovaries


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